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TRANSFER MILAN: rate starting from € 130 ....... We explain why you should book with us ...........

But how much does a taxi service cost from Milan to the city of Lugano or from Lugano to Milan? If you need a driver to allow you to travel this route, this is probably the first question you will ask yourself. Before talking about prices, it is necessary to know what distance we are talking about, since, as we all know, the greater the road we have to travel, the greater the amount we will have to spend. The kilometers that separate Milan from Lugano are about 80, which can reasonably be covered in an average of 1 hour and 10 minutes. To use the public taxi / chauffeur service you basically have 3 possibilities:

- Lugano Swiss Taxi Service

- Milan Taxi Service

- Car Rental Service with Driver in Milan

Three similar services, but what are the differences in terms of rates?

Starting from the first solution, it is known by many that everything in Switzerland has a higher cost than Italy and the taxi service is no less. The cost of the transfer is in fact around 190/200 Francs (currently around 195 euros). Regarding the public taxi from the Milanese square, sources of some of their accredited associations, quantify the cost of 0.98 euros per kilometer, to which a progressive increase must be added, which comes into operation after a few minutes that the car constantly exceeds the city speed, that is, once you travel on the highway. It is assumed an average cost of about 170 euros, but in reality, when asked, not even the Milanese Radio Taxis themselves were able to provide us with a certain and precise quote. The last solution is represented by the car rental service with driver , which in essence is nothing more than a taxi service upon reservation but with pre-established rates and usually carried out with black Mercedes cars, obviously combined with regular licenses. The advantages offered by our transfer from Milan to Lugano , compared to the previous two, are immediately evident. In the first place, something not yet highlighted, the cost of the classic taxi is not only given by the distance that one has to travel, but also by the time it takes to get from a certain point to another. In what sense will you say? In the sense that, always remaining in the section of our inherent Milan Lugano, if by chance you happen to remain in line for half an hour at the Swiss customs, this time will be "charged" to the final account to be paid in addition to the one already due and accrued. for the kilometers traveled ... In fact, the so-called Taximeter, which Milanese taxis are equipped with, works both by kilometers and by time, and all this often represents an unknown factor for the user regarding how much he will have to pay at the end running.

By booking the transfer with a car rental company with driver, you will therefore have the opportunity to enjoy several advantages, including knowing in advance how much you will have to spend, being sure of what the rate will be regardless of the time it takes to reach your destination and not last, to be able to take advantage of a decidedly advantageous rate! Furthermore, as already mentioned, the service is always carried out with recently registered Mercedes cars, in order and clean, among which the E-Class sedan models and the V-Class minivan stand out.

The necessary conclusions on the choice to be made are therefore up to you ....... Transfer Milano has been operating for years also regarding the airport connections from Malpensa - Linate - Orio al Serio to the city of Lugano or, of course, also for reverse routes.

Taxi Milan Lugano - booking


1-3 pax € 130/140

4-6 pax € 150

Book with us your taxi departing from Milan to Lugano or vice versa with pick up from Lugano to Milan or, Linate , Malpensa , Orio al Serio and all other possible destinations throughout the Italian territory. For any information and / or clarification you can always contact us by e-mail at or by phone at our number +39 3349748558 which you find on this page (we also accept communications via sms and Whatsapp !). If you want to stay overnight in Lugano, we recommend that you book at the Hotel - Restaurant Firenze , a stone's throw from the center and the Casino .

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