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TRANSFER MILANO was born from the collaboration of several professionals of the car rental service with driver , (private taxi and by reservation) united together in a close-knit and dynamic group, with the aim of guaranteeing our customers the maximum presence in the area 365 days a year 24 hours a day and to provide a highly qualified service that is always at the height of any situation. Based in Milan, we enjoy a strategic position that allows us to quickly reach the airports of Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio.

Chi siamo-Transfer-Milano-Taxi
Chi-siamo-Taxi-Malpensa-Linate-Orio al Serio

Who are the drivers who take you to your other half every day? You may not believe it, but we are all (or almost all) former taxi drivers! Yep, former taxi drivers! But then, you will ask yourself, "why did you switch to the activity of car rental with driver After all, what changes? If you used to go to Malpensa or Linate , now do the same!" ..... The answers could be different, like the need to change (it has happened to everyone in their life!) or the desire to get involved again. But the main answer is much simpler, and perhaps it is best represented with a term often used, unfortunately, only for the purpose of making a good publicity, but which we consider really fundamental: customer satisfaction.

Hours spent in the car in direct contact with customers, they taught us many things, they made us understand what users of this sector ask for and what they do not want, what can be improved and what must be substantially changed, leading us to arrive to a simple, apparently banal, conclusion ..... A customer is satisfied when he is heard.

Attention, with this we do not mean that the customer is always right, of course everything must have a limit and there are people who love to complain "regardless", but if you think about it, when someone expresses an opinion, sometimes, they do on purpose or unknowingly, he is providing us with an idea or perhaps even a solution .....


After hundreds of "chats" with customers, from different walks of life, from different countries, during the day and night shifts, in essence we have only changed, and improved, what left most perplexed (= less satisfaction) of people, regarding normal taxi service.

First of all, of course, the customers complained that they could never know in advance how much it could cost to be taken from point A to point B, such as the route from Malpensa to Orio Al Serio , as well as sometimes considering too much expensive, the price of transportation.

Secondly, customers, in some cases, complained of aspects such as the cleanliness of the cars, the manners and education of the drivers, the models of the cars in proportion to the expense to be faced, telephone waiting times, or simply the impossibility of book a car at the airport, which entails the risk of being able to remain in line to wait for the taxi or the possibility of remaining on foot ..... Thus was born our new idea, the alternative service, the Car Rental with Driver (NCC ), a new way of transporting people, a different public transport system, where the customer always knows in advance how much the fare will be, always has the possibility of being able to book the car upon his arrival at the airport (and not alone!), to be greeted by a professional and courteous driver, and to travel in comfortable and modern cars, all at a low cost price (= greater satisfaction). To date, we are even more convinced of the goodness of our choice, given the growing number of people who contact us for their transfers and we can say, without being presumptuous, that almost all of our customers are satisfied, as our reviews show that you can verify by means of the link at the bottom of the page.

In addition to our history and explaining where we come from, we are proud to point out that we are also the ones who, when you have a plane that leaves early in the morning, set the alarm at three in the morning to make you arrive on time at the airport, those who day, they look for the best and fastest route to take you to your destination, and again, those who when your flight lands at one in the morning, we are always ready to pick you up to take you home .... And all this, he would say a journalist, it's real news ........

Well, after the narration of how we got to carry out this activity, it is a must, also for your safety, what are the necessary requirements, required by law: KB license, registration in the Driver Role and License.

For your curiosity / information, below you will find (real) images of this documentation.

Chi siamo-Certificato-di-abilitazione-professionale

The images are not the best, and will probably appear of poor quality, but they were specially chosen as real and we did not want to use the ones that can be recovered from the web. The KB (pink color) in fact belongs to one of our drivers and the license (color type light blue / green) is linked to one of our vehicles. Unfortunately, we cannot put an image of the registration to the driver role for a matter of privacy, as the name and identification data of the person appear.

But why are they required by law?

Let's explain the meaning then.

Professional qualification certificate (KB): strictly associated with the normal B driving license, it is issued after a theoretical test consisting in knowledge of the vehicle structure and general elements relating to transport and administration.

Enrollment in the Drivers role: this is a specific exam that requires a good dose of toponosctic, geographical and historical knowledge of the Lombardy basin, which also provides for the acquisition of an excellent command of the laws governing the sector.

License: mandatory authorization to be associated with the vehicle so that it is no longer registered as a private vehicle, but rather a public vehicle, therefore suitable for circulation and being used as a car for transporting people as a taxi service or NCC Rarely issued by the Municipality through tenders, it is subject to sale.

Not to mention, moreover, that all "regular" drivers must necessarily possess subjective requirements in order to be able to work as a Rental with Driver (to learn more click here ).

We are therefore in compliance with all the necessary municipal authorizations and professional requirements, mandatory for your transfers anywhere with departure from Milan, Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio, to any Italian or European destination, to travel in the historic centers, in the areas limited traffic (ZTL) and in the preferential lanes, to make your journey comfortable, efficient and fast.

TRANSFER MILANO only relies on authorized Mercedes workshops and subjects its vehicles to scrupulous periodic servicing, weekly checks and interior sanitation. For your and our safety, all cars are subject to a mandatory inspection by the Motorizzazione Civile and the Municipality of Milan annually. In addition, our taxi service upon reservation only stipulates insurance contracts for car coverage that guarantee ceilings at high levels.

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