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Ncc Milan - car rental with driver (with fixed and pre-established rates) and municipal taxi service (with a rate calculated by the taximeter based on the route), here is what you need to know about the two categories.

Both categories provide a very useful service to the city and are often used by citizens, tourists and business women. The taxis in Milan are all of the same color, white, are equipped with TAXI written on the roof (the so-called "parrot") and a taximeter that quantifies the fare.

The taxi fare starts from the moment in which the car starts the taxi service and does not always coincide with the moment in which the user actually starts and uses it.

With the exception of a few routes, it is not possible to know the taxi price in advance.

In the case of car rental with driver, the color of the car is chosen by the owner of the rental company, which are usually black or metallic gray, elegant colors preferred by customers.

Instead of the word taxi, the vehicle used for car rental with driver must affix the appropriate municipal badges issued by the municipality to the front windshield and near the rear plate.

Regarding the rate, the price is always communicated to the customer before the start of the service and is never subject to variations based on the established route.

The car rental service with driver is similar to the city taxi service, substantially it is a taxi service upon reservation, but offers the advantage of being able to take advantage of often more prestigious vehicles, more elegant drivers and fares, in the medium to long stretches, certainly more competitive.

The taxi service does not require reservations, the customer for its use can go to the appropriate taxi stands or contact a radio taxi, while the reservation of a car rental with driver is mandatory.


NCC and taxis are the only suitable services recognized by Italian law for the transport "non-scheduled" of people with driver, but for both categories are required certain requirements that you can find in our pages about us .

Both the car rental with driver and the taxi service enjoy concessions relating to road traffic, in fact they can travel along the preferential lanes, the limited traffic areas (ZTL) and circulate during the traffic blocks ordered by the Municipality.


At the airport and at the station in Milan, there are different methods of service to customers.

At the train station in Milan or at the Linate Malpensa and Orio Al Serio airports, if you want to take advantage of the standard taxi service, you must go directly to the special taxi stands located outside the facilities.

With the Car Rental with Driver Booking you will find your driver to welcome you directly at the arrivals exit at the airport or at the train platform at the station and you will be helped by the driver to transport the suitcases by car.

Surely the car rental with driver is an excellent alternative to the classic taxi service, but remember that the NCC reservation is mandatory .

NOTE : the only two categories of professionals authorized by law to exercise the profession of Chauffeur, with all the ensuing guarantees in favor of the customer, are the RENTAL WITH DRIVER and the TAXI SERVICE .

As in every big city in the world, unfortunately also in Milan there is the phenomenon of illegalism regarding the profession of driver and we strongly advise against relying on these people for your travels in the city and outside the city.

The Italian law is very clear regarding the exercise of rental with driver and the Taxi Service and obligatorily provides, for the person, precise moral requirements (for example being cleansed) and certain professional requirements ( driving license, cap, registration role and License issued by the Municipality ).

For your safety, especially if you are a tourist, rely only on professional drivers who will make your journey comfortable and safe.

Where are they and how to recognize the abusive drivers? Simple. First of all, the places most frequented by them are train stations, airports and football stadiums at the end of games, in all those moments when it is difficult to find a taxi.

Second, the most important. Recognizing them is simple, in fact the abusive always goes to the customer, to ask even insistently, if he needs a taxi.

The regular taxi driver, on the other hand, always waits for the customer near his car and the holder of the car rental license with driver, working on booking with fixed rates , has already made arrangements previously with the customer and waits for him, for example at the airport, with a sign on which the name of the same customer is written, to be recognized.

Remember, your trip should be a time of relaxation, not uncertainty and worry.

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