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Milan taxi fares - Transfer Milan offers you advantageous fixed prices for all destinations with luxury cars and professional drivers. On this page you will find the various links for the routes shown, with prices for sedan cars or minivans. Our taxi costs from Milan include fuel, motorway tolls and driver costs, therefore they are to be understood as "all inclusive".

Transfer Milan - car rental with driver: why our rates are convenient and how they are calculated.

Our Transfer Milano company offers a car rental service with driver with clear rates and always communicated in advance to the customer , already at the time of booking.

Our prices are convenient as they are calculated only on the basis of the distance and never on the time it takes to reach your destination. In fact, traffic or traffic jams do not affect the cost of the transfer, however, as already mentioned, always communicated to the customer in advance at the time of confirmation.

Furthermore, our prices start from a cost per kilometer which is in itself lower than the classic city taxi which, especially for medium - long routes, involves significant savings for the customer.

Of course, this economic advantage, aimed at our customers, does not involve any disadvantage relating to the quality of the service provided, which, on the contrary, remains of the highest level, both for what concerns the cars and for the professionalism of our drivers, always at the height. of the situation and regularly registered in the Chamber of Commerce in the role of drivers.


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