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Malpensa taxi terminal 1 - Transfer Milan

Malpensa taxi t 1 : what are the costs? Which service to choose or when to book? Transfer Milano , a car rental company with driver with registered office in Milan and leader in the trucking sector, answers you to these and other questions related to your taxi transfers to or from Milan Malpensa airport.

Costs: with the classic white taxi, there are some routes that have a fixed cost, actually very few, and they are the following.

Municipal taxis between Malpensa T1 and Milan city have a fixed rate of € 95. On the other hand, between Malpensa T 1 and Milano Fiera the fixed rate is € 65 and finally the connection with Linate airport costs € 105 (it is not clear whether all these costs include the cost of the motorway exit).

For all other routes, there is no fixed rate.

As an alternative to metered taxis, you can choose to rely on a car rental service with driver, such as our Transfer Milano company.

The differences between the two categories are evident for what is the type of car, the rates and the ability to book the car. If with taxis the cars are of the most varied car manufacturers, with the car rental service with driver, almost always and almost entirely, the car park consists of Mercedes, usually black with dark glass for the customer's privacy (even if lately Jaguar and BMW have also been gaining ground). Regarding the rates, not being able to speak on behalf of our colleagues, we can only refer to ours, such as the one regarding our Milan Malpensa taxi , which starts from € 80 and on our site you have the opportunity to view numerous other rates relating to different destinations. Regarding prices, another important difference between taxi and car rental with driver, is that if for the former, with the exception of the aforementioned rates, the taximeter will set the amount - consequently you will know the amount to be paid only once you arrive at your destination - with the latter the cost will always be communicated in advance, even before using the transfer.

Another aspect that denotes a substantial difference between the two categories, consists in the fact that it is not possible to book a taxi for your arrival at Malpensa airport, which is always possible with the rental with driver (indeed, it is mandatory!).


1-3 pax from € 80


4-6 pax from € 100

Malpensa taxi terminal 1 - area A and area B

With Milan transfer your taxi to Malpensa will be in the immediate vicinity of the exit!

Terminal 1, a large and modern airport, started with the "Malpensa 2000" master plan and managed by the Società Esercizi Aeroportuali (SEA), has two areas dedicated to arrivals, depending on the origin of your plane.

In this case, with flights from European locations, exiting you will find yourself in area A, while for flights from non-European countries, you will exit in the so-called area B.

By booking our Malpensa private taxi service, you will find one of our drivers waiting for you when you arrive, and by communicating the flight number in advance, we will be able to decide whether to wait for you at area A or area B.

For your information, with arrivals at area B, waiting times for baggage claim are usually very long, even 50/60 minutes.


At Malpensa airport, in addition to terminal 1, there is also terminal 2: check your ticket from where you leave.

Once you have booked our Malpensa private taxi, always check on your ticket which terminal your flight takes off from. It is true that at Malpensa air traffic is now more located at terminal 1, but many flights depart from the "old" airport, terminal 2, and getting the wrong access could be really annoying, as the two terminals are about 5 kilometers.

In principle, we can tell you that from Terminal 2, only and almost exclusively Easy Jet aircraft arrive and take off, all the other companies are operating on Terminal 1.

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